Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 11 in 2011

Y'all, I feel like I was JUST doing a recap post of 2010. Can you believe we are approaching the close of another year? While 2011 wasn't busting at the seams with big life events like 2010 was for us, we did manage to do an interesting thing or two this year. So while everyone is in a reflective mood, I thought I would compile a list of our 11 favorite moments in 2011 and put them in chronological order for you. Hope you enjoy our year in review!

The Fenton Top 11 in 2011

1. Seeing Beauty & the Beast at The Fox.

2. Purchasing my first DSLR camera.

3. Celebrating our first anniversary in Charleston.

4. Finally getting a Weimaraner!

5. Celebrating Kyle's 24th Birthday.

6. Moving to a rental house.

7. Kyle receiving his White Coat and completing his first clinical rotation in outpatient orthopedics.

7. Celebrating my 23rd Birthday.

8. Visiting Bonclarken, my favorite place on earth.

9. Rafting the Ocoee.

10. Going on our Second Annual Camping Trip.

11. Getting three photoshoots under my belt!

Whew, what a year! I got a little carried away with making this list and decided to gather together my most popular blog posts in 2011, according to Stats. Here they are in case any new readers want to check them out!

Top Blog Posts in 2011
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6. 23rd Birthday Weekend
7. Wedding Week: Flora and Fauna
8. Fear Not
9. Shower for Baby Casiana
10. Turkey Weekend 2011
11. Our Christmas Tree 2011

Here's to wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Any exciting plans to ring in 2012? No matter what you are doing, get those noisemakers out because 2012 is going to be a great year! I can feel it!



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