Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Christmas Tree 2011

Well, it's about time I do a Christmas-related blog post! Can you believe there are only 11 days left 'til Christmas? I guess that means I better get on it and show y'all our Christmas tree!

This year Kyle and I continued our tradition of going to a Christmas tree farm and buying a real tree. Our trip was even more special since Doc got to tag along with us this time. :)

We took advantage of being the only ones on the farm (it was a cold and rainy afternoon), so we ran around playing hide and seek through the trees. There's nothing like acting like a little kid again to get you in the spirit of Christmas!

While Doc was partial to the Leeland Cypresses, Kyle and I are more Fraser Fir kind of folk. They had a great selection of Fraser Firs at the farm, and they even had some of them flocked like the tree below. The look of snow on the trees had us reminiscing about our ski trip to Colorado two years ago, where mostly all of the trees naturally looked like that. So beautiful! Maybe one of these days we'll switch things up and go with an old-school flocked tree.

So which one did we pick? Before I show you the whole shebang, here are a few of my favorite new ornaments:

My sister gave me this beautiful egg-shaped ornament last Christmas, so this year I actually got to hang it on our tree. It is so unique and the two birds will always remind me of our first Christmas!

Kyle's parents got us this ornament when they went on a sailing trip in Charleston. I am such a sucker for polka dots, so the ribbon is one of my favorite parts.

Speaking of polka dots, I made this ornament when I was in a crafty mood last month. I go between loving it/hating it, but mostly I love it. :)

And this is a fun craft idea that I got from my Mother-In-Law. She gave me all the supplies for it over the Thanksgiving holiday (so sweet!), and it's really simple if any of y'all want to recreate it. Just get a glass block from a home improvement store, fill it with a string of lights, wrap some ribbon around it, and voilĂ ! You've got yourself a glowing present. It's a fun addition to have under the tree. :)

So without further ado, here she is! I am in love. I find myself wanting to sniff it every five seconds. The smell of a fraser fir tree does my heart good!

When we initially brought it inside, it was WAY too tall so we had to borrow a pair of clippers from a friend and cut the top off. It still barely brushes the ceiling, so I had to make some readjustments to our bow-topper (check out this post if you want to make your own). Overall I am so pleased with how it livens up our living room. Confession: Kyle and I eat pretty much every meal on the coffee table in December just so we can stare some more at our tree. Hence this picture:

Another confession: I didn't make that dinner. My awesome should-be-a-chef husband did! Butternut squash soup and homemade paninis. I got myself a good one, gals! Oh and look who else likes to hang out by the tree:

But that comes as a surprise to no one. ;)

I'm linking up with Megan from Honey We're Home as part of the Christmas Cheer Link Party! Head on over to Megan's blog for TONS of Christmas tree ideas!

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