Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Celebration Dinner

One thing I told Kyle while I was still job searching this summer was that I wanted him to take me out for a realllllly nice dinner once I did get a new job. If you know me well, you know that food can be a MAJOR motivator for me, so once he agreed to my little suggestion it was GAME ON. Nearly two months after I started my new position, we finally went out for our celebration dinner this past weekend. We debated for a while on where to go, but when we heard our good friends Sam and Amanda raving over their experience at Veni Vidi Vici in Buckhead, we knew we found our place.

I got the party started with the Raspberry Truffle, which was basically a dessert in a drink. YUM.

We then ordered the Formaggio Fritto as an appetizer, which was basically glorified mozzarella sticks. It was good, but we were kind of disappointed with the portion considering what we paid for it.  

Kyle got the lasagna for his entree, which is described on the menu as "baked crazy lasagna with classic veal bolognese." I'd say his clean plate at the end of the meal speaks to how well he liked it. :)

I ordered the Risotto Frutti di Mare, which in non-Italian terms means a seafood and rice dish. It was SO GOOD y'all. Heaven in my mouth. It didn't photograph very well, but trust me, it was delish. 

We rounded out our evening with the classic Tiramisu for dessert, and I was one satisfied girl at the end of this meal. 

A few tips for anyone close to drooling over these photos and considering eating at Veni Vidi Vici in the future: 

1) The restaurant is directly connected to the parking garage where they have their valet parking, so it is   not a freestanding building. Don't be like us and drive by it three or four times before you find it. :)

2) Guys - you will probably want to wear a tie and maybe even a dinner jacket. Kyle felt a little underdressed in his button-up J-Crew shirt (but he still looked smokin' all the same!).

3) It's pricey so be prepared to spend around $40-$50 per person if you are going to order drinks and get a three-course meal.

That's all! Have y'all eaten at any new restaurants lately? Do tell! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Goals


Happy November, y’all! Are there really only two months left in 2012? If that thought stresses you out, I am right there with you! It seems like this time of year the pressure is ON. You feel the need to have everything together and finish up all those projects you resolved to do back in January. Now it's the first day of November and it’s crunch time. One overarching goal of mine for November is to combat those frantic feelings and try to focus on the things that really matter. I want to fill my heart with gratitude (as cliche as that sounds), because a heart of thankfulness really does change everything. Here are some of the other things I’d like to accomplish this month:
  • Finish editing photos from this summer: Our visit to the Biltmore, Family Reunion, Caroline's Senior Session, and Labor Day Weekend
  • Have a fantastic photoshoot this weekend with the Garmons!
  • Finish decorating my new office
  • Find time in my schedule to exercise (and have Kyle make me an exercise plan)
  • Make a scrumptious Thanksgiving Dinner dish
  • Order our Christmas Cards
  • Have all Christmas shopping done!
  • Start to refinish and paint our dining room chairs
  • Get the materials together to build our farmhouse table
  • Read Martin Luther’s biography (free ebook here)
What are your goals for this month? I am SO excited about the holidays approaching!


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