Sunday, January 23, 2011

Anthropologie Monogrammed Mugs

I just got my Christmas present from my best friend last weekend, and look what she got me! This delightful mug from Anthropologie:

{Photo by Erin Hearts Court via SMP}

Go ahead, be jealous that she's not your BFF. I about screamed, cried, and peed in my pants all at the same time when I opened it. Okay, so maybe only one of those things happened. But it's just amazing how well she knows me! I've been eyeing those exact mugs from Anthropologie for months, with the intentions of doing a little something like this:

{Photo by Ken Kienow via SMP}

So now that I have half of the duo, I just need to order the "K" mug and find me some fake or dried flowers to put in them. I'll post pictures once I find a place for them to live in our little townhome! And if you've been reading our blog for any length of time, you know that I typically don't use mugs for the purpose of drinking out of them. Exhibit A and Exhibit B. Call me crazy!

{Photo by Clayton Austin}

{Photo by Ken Luallen via SMP}

Click here to snag your own monogrammed mug for 6 bucks! I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and may your mugs be filled with delicious coffee {or beautiful flowers!}.


  1. love the mug! And LOVE your blog! it's ahhhdorable! I notice your a Harry Potter reader. love it. ;)

  2. Woo looking so cute, really the designing which are created on that mugs are very beautiful . Mugs are awesome.



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