Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tale As Old As Time

I'll just cut to the chase--Beauty & The Beast was AMAZING! I found myself fighting back tears practically the whole time, the nostalgia was so overwhelming as I watched the beloved characters and songs from my childhood come to life on stage. It did my heart good! Thanks to my husband for such a wonderful gift. (And he really enjoyed it, too!)

My favorite number was "Gaston," with "Be Our Guest" coming in a close second.

And, of course, the "Beauty & the Beast" scene is where the waterworks were definitely threatening to come out!

{All photos by Joan Marcus.}

Rewind a little bit earlier in the evening, and you would find Kyle & I eating dinner at Mary Mac's Tea Room off Ponce de Leon. We didn't know we were in for such a tasty southern cookin' treat! They filled us up before our dinner came out with not only yeast rolls-a-plenty, but cornbread dipped in collard drippings and cinnamon rolls to boot! It was almost as hard to pick our side dishes as it was to pick the main entree, they had so many savory choices. I finally settled with the Shrimp & Grits with Tomato Pie on the side and Kyle had the Chopped Sirloin. Needless to say we made the icy way to the Fox fat and happy!

Since Atlanta is only about 45 min. from my parent's house, we decided to stay with them for the weekend. And we had a pleasant surprise as my Aunt Carol and cousin Ali were in town to visit! It was so good to see them since they weren't able to come up from Florida for Christmas.

So I found the photo on the left below of Ali and me as I was looking for a picture of the "Belle" gown my Mom made me. I thought it funny how well it paired with the one on the right of us at my wedding. We just switched who was the bride and who was wearing yellow! Love it!

Even though it's Tuesday now, I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


  1. WOW!! This show looks amazing! I'd love to see it!!

  2. I am so glad ya'll had a good time. We must all go back to Macy Mac's Tea Room soon it sounds too delicious for ya'll to keep to yourselves! Oh and by the way, do I not get credit for taking that fabulous photo of you and Kyle like you gave credit to the other photographer???? Just kidding! Love you girl and hope to see you soon!!!!



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