Friday, April 8, 2011

Wedding Week: Anniversary Update

It's the final Wedding Week post y'all! It feels so good to be done. And I'm sure y'all are tired of gagging at my mushy recollections of our little wedding, so sorry I subjected you to that. :)

So rewinding waaaay back to March 6 of this year, we were celebrating our one-year anniversary! That morning, we had all these good intentions of doing a fancy breakfast in bed, but we ended up sleeping in instead. Much better in my opinion anyway.

Thankfully we had some coupons to Einstein Brothers, and we treated ourselves to some yummy bagels with honey almond shmear for breakfast. If you've never had this stuff, you need to stop what you are doing and go get some right now! You'll never want regular cream cheese again.

Once we got home I finally let myself unwrap the top layer of our wedding cake. It was so tempting sitting in our fridge for those four days we let it thaw out. But my mom made sure that thing was secure from freezer burn, wrapping it with several layers of saran wrap and aluminum foil. She even labeled it for us to protect it from other hungry hands (ahem...Dad).

I was initially pretty hesitant about eating year-old cake, but it froze well and actually tasted really good! To make eating it even more fun, we served it on our Kate Spade fine china and used our crystal goblets for the dessert wine. We had to celebrate in style!

Later that afternoon we exchanged presents. The traditional one year anniversary gift is paper, but since I knew Kyle wouldn't really appreciate anything from Crane & Co., I made him something out of paper instead. I made his card as well as a "coupon booklet," and that's all I can say about that. ;) He loved it and appreciated that I didn't spend any money on him, since we were saving our moolah for when this little guy would come home with us.

Kyle kinda cheated on the traditional paper with his gift. I still got a piece of paper folded inside my card, but printed on it was a picture of this:

EEEK! Yep, he got me the camera of my dreams! I was SO EXCITED! He got me a refurbished Canon Rebel T2i from Adorama, and he even thought to get me an HD video-capable memory card too. He did real good! Thanks to saved up birthday and Christmas money, as well as an unexpectedly high tax return that we got back in February, he was able to make one of my biggest dreams seem more like a reality. I love it!

After that it was time for some more eating. We went to The Bee's Knees in downtown Augusta for our anniversary dinner, and it certainly lived up to its name. I tried to wear as much of my wedding day attire as the cold temperature would allow, and managed to put together an outfit with my bolero, flower clips, and yellow shoes.

The Bee's Knees is a tapas restaurant, and they brought it out to us as they made it instead of all at one time. We had the Mediterranean Olive & Bread, as well as the Calamares Fritos, which came with the best dipping sauce I've ever had with calamari.

We also had the Spicy Louisiana Crabcakes and Shrimp Pad Thai, but I don't have any pictures because I was too busy eating it all up. When we got back home, we curled up on the couch and watched our wedding video, laughing and reminiscing about our favorite moments from the day. This definitely has the potential to become an anniversary tradition.

So all of this to say, this day was like the warm-up to the real anniversary celebration we just had April 2-4. We waited to take our trip during Kyle's spring break, which always falls the week of The Masters, and we were glad to skip town and miss that first influx of traffic in Augusta. Here's a little hint as to where we went. :D

More details on our trip coming soon! Hope y'all have a blessed weekend.

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