Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Season of Renewal

What a glorious, beautiful day Sunday was! I hope you enjoyed your Easter surrounded by the ones you love and were able to spend time meditating on the sweet Redemption that Jesus brings. I found my prayer for this Easter perfectly echoed in Beth Moore's blog post on Good Friday. Isn't it neat to read the prayers of others and see that it's something you, too, want to ask the Father?

Our faithful Abba Father, cause the looming shadow of the Cross to fall afresh on us again. Let us remember with horror how dark our lives would be without the Christ. Roll the heavy stone of our slumbering familiarity away from the empty tomb and wake us up with a shout.

That last sentence especially spoke to where I am right now. I've been in a dry season spiritually, and this past weekend I knew I did not adequately prepare myself for Resurrection Sunday. But God is faithful, and He meets you right where you are. But He extends His hand out to you and invites you to rise above your rut and move forward with Him. And that's exactly what happened on Sunday. Thank you Jesus for turning my eyes away from myself and to you, the Glorious One at the right hand of the Father! May I be as awake and aware in You everyday as on Easter. You deserve nothing less.

This was our first Easter away from our families, and I was little bummed about that, but Kyle graciously reminded me that we are each other's family. And he is so right! It turns out we weren't the only ones experiencing their first Easter away. Most of Kyle's PT class was still in town because this week is finals week, so we got together and had a nice Easter lunch at one of his classmate's house after church. It was a fun time with the PT fam.

The rest of the day consisted of walking Doc, Kyle studying and me trying to fix a nice Easter dinner for the two of us. I ended up being in the kitchen for almost three hours. Yikes! But we both thought it turned out deliciously, so I guess it was worth it. We also forgot to take pictures, hence the flower photos from our anniversary trip. But I think they are appropriate substitutes. ;) And speaking of anniversary trips, I should have our trip post ready to go either this evening or sometime tomorrow. Hooray!

Thanks for listening to me, and may you be reminded today that His love is glorious, marvelous, gracious, generous, matchless & priceless! Amen.

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  1. Love your writing, love your pictures, and love you!!!!



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