Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What the heck happened in March?

Now that Wedding Week Month has finally concluded, I'll be doing a little back-blogging so I can fill you in on our life in March. Lots of things happened in March, with the closing of some doors and the opening of others. We learned that life doesn't always stay the same, but for that continuous stretching and growing, I am grateful.

One bittersweet moment came for us on March 10, when my family had to say our final goodbye to our mini schnauzer, TJ. He had been fighting for a while against congestive heart failure, and it finally got the better of him. Teej was one of the best things that happened to our family, and it really hurts my heart that he's gone. But like my sister said, TJ's passing stirs up both sad and happy emotions. Whenever I really miss him, I can't help but think of all the hilarious and ridiculous things we did with him over the past 11 years. He truly was a great dog. Here's a few photos of him that will always make me smile:

A few months after we brought him home in 2000.

We miss you little buddy!

On a more positive note, I met The Pioneer Woman! Yep, THE P-Dub. She rolled into itty-bitty Evans, GA on March 12 as part of her book tour, and Laura and I jumped at the chance to see our favorite blogger in person. She is just as funny and entertaining in person as she is on her blog, and she even brought along her two sons and Marlboro Man. I didn't have her new book or cookbook for her to sign, so I got a little creative and I had her sign the back of a recipe card, on which was written Kyle's favorite PW recipe, Perfect Pot Roast. I did the same thing for my sister since she couldn't come with us, and I gave it to her as a surprise (hence the "Love to Ashley!" in the photo).

On March 20, Amanda and I teamed up with our husbands to host a baby shower for a guy in their PT School class and his wife. To cut down on costs, and to have enough room for the thirty-something guests, we had the shower in one of the PT classrooms. We did our best to spruce it up with a few flower arrangements and a table full of yummy food, and I think everything turned out great! Oh and if you were wondering about the cupcakes, Amanda's mom made them and they were absolutely delish, especially the red velvet ones! If you still need a cake for Easter, Mother's Day, or an upcoming Wedding/Baby Shower, I would hit up Cake Crumbs (Amanda's mom's business) if I were you!

Me, the Mommy-to-be, and Amanda, aka The Real Housewives of Physical Therapy.

We wrapped up March with a sweet ending, as Kyle and I finally found a Weimaraner puppy that we adored and put a deposit down on him. Doc has been quite the entertaining addition to our family, more on his first week at home later. :)

Enjoy the rest of your Hump Day!

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