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Wedding Week: DJ Got Us Falling In Love

Hello again lovelies! If you are just now joining us for Wedding Week, you can catch up on all the previous posts here. There's a lot of 'em, so you might want to grab a snack while you're at it. :D

Today will be all about our reception. And all I can say is that it was a blast! (P.S. it was pretty much impossible to pick the pictures and squeeze everything about our reception into one blog post. I don't know how wedding bloggers do it!) So first, a few details. This is what everyone saw as they walked into The Georgia Club, our reception venue:

Our guest book display included pictures from our parents' weddings (who both had their bridesmaids wear yellow dresses; crazy, huh?), shower invitations, the photo book Kyle gave to me when he proposed, and our favors in a white basket.

Confession: these favors were totally leftovers from my sister's wedding two years earlier. Favors didn't make it too far up my priority list. Looking back I probably could've come up with something cute and creative, but being in school while planning a wedding didn't allow for much crafting time. Oh well! To the left of the guest book display was the gift table, and The Georgia Club kindly let us use their card holder thingymajig. Much prettier than anything I could've conjured up!

Once Kyle and I arrived at The Georgia Club, it was crazytown! Jami and Ashley were tying my bustle, somebody was handing me a drink, some of the guests wanted to greet us, and the DJ was trying to finalize the introduction list with me. We finally got all our ducks in a row and the wedding party intro went off without a hitch. A few of them even had some surprises up their sleeves, as you can see:

We danced to Nothing Fancy by Dave Barnes for our first dance, and even though our DJ unexpectedly played the slower acoustic version, we didn't let it keep us from savoring this special moment where we felt like the only two people in the room.

After we opened the buffet, we had a special dance planned for my honorary bridesmaid, Lauren, and her beau, Caleb, who also happened to be our videographer. I wanted to give Lauren a little time in the spotlight since she was unable to be a bridesmaid due to her college bball tourney schedule. So Caleb set up his camera on a tripod to record this sweet moment between the two of them, but a good majority of the ladies in the room and even Lauren herself thought he was about to propose! Whoops! Not my intention at all, and I apologized for falsely getting her hopes up. Thankfully now we are able to laugh about the whole thing!

We then had the toasts and cut the cake, followed by our Father-Daughter dance to The Way You Look Tonight and the Mother-Son dance to This Will Be. Kyle's dad cut in at the end of the Mother-Son dance and said "Let me show you how it's done," and boy did they! Apparently they had been secretly taking dance lessons just for this dance, and it really paid off.

My sorority has a couple of traditions for sisters' weddings, one of them being to pray over the newlywed couple and then recite our motto. It was such a sweet and special moment!

After that the DJ really got the party started! We danced...

...and got a conga line going...

...and do-si-doed...

And then the DJ had all the ladies form a circle around Kyle and me, with Kyle sitting in a chair by himself. The DJ cranked up the music and we all sang Aretha Franklin's R-E-S-P-E-C-T to Kyle. It was pretty funny!

Before the song was over, the DJ suddenly switched the song to "I'm Too Sexy" and Kyle got up and did this:

I've never laughed so hard in my life! I think he surprised a few people with his sweet moves haha. Shortly thereafter, I did the bouquet toss and my single ladies didn't let me down.

Before the garter toss, the DJ had all the guys get down on one knee and serenade me with "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" from Top Gun. It was pretty funny to watch them try and remember the lyrics!

Grady came out on top with the garter, but somehow he ended up on the floor. His older brother Isaac then proceeded to tackle him and a few others just for kicks. There is never a dull moment with these dudes!

We subjected Ciera (the lucky lady who caught the bouquet) and Grady to the whole putting the garter back on thing, and they were such troopers!

Before our getaway, I quickly grabbed a few group shots with my sorority sisters, the Fab Five, and my senior year roomies.

We did our last dance to Then by Brad Paisley, we had to squeeze him in there somewhere since he was there for our first date. :)

We said our last goodbyes and it was finally time for our getaway. We did our getaway on the veranda off the back of the clubhouse, which allowed plenty of room for people to stand and smack us with rose petals. I believe Kyle's face says it all!

And we were off to Jamaica! In a golf cart! ;)

Our reception was the perfect ending to the perfect day, all thanks to our awesome family and friends who were right there to celebrate with us. We could never thank them enough for making our day so incredibly memorable.

Up next, our adventures in Jamaica!

All photos by Shannon Belletti.

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  1. 1. I thought Caleb was going to propose, too!
    2. I love the look of determination on Katy's face in the bouquet toss!
    3. Kyle's dance to "I'm Too Sexy" was absolutely hysterical!!! My favorite part of the night! :)



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