Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wedding Week: The Ladies

It's no secret I had some hot 'maids. Today I'd like to introduce you to these incredible women and what I dressed them up in, although I'm sure they would have looked just as beautiful in trash bags. But something tells me that wouldn't have completed the wedding look quite as nicely. And sorry guys, most of them are either married, might as well be married, or just plain out of your league. ;) You know, while we're bein' honest...haha!

My girls wore this yellow number from The Dessy Group, with gold heels and gold accessories. They looked perfect! We found the dresses for a great price through an online store, but we won't talk about that whole ordering fiasco. Let's just say that company got a kick out of keeping me on my toes.

So first up, my beautiful MOH, Ashley. The only one who has truly known me since day one, she is my sister through and through. Her talent for teaching the little ones and her passion for Jesus have always been an inspiration to me. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else right by my side that day!

Next up, the sister I gained that day, Jenny. I love her infectious laugh and cut-to-the-chase demeanor. She has a great work ethic and determination like none other. And since she's a famous marine biologist in-the-making, I know our kids are going to love visiting Aunt Jenny on the coast one day!

Ali, my cousin whom I was always convinced was secretly my sister. She has an exotic kind of beauty, yet is so unassuming about it. Growing up we would always find ourselves in sticky situations, and somehow we would find our way out of them! She was such a trooper on our wedding day since she felt a little sick. And yes, she looks that beautiful when she's sick. Go ahead and hate her. But not really.

Next, this is Caroline, another gorgeous cousin of mine. She has great style and is super smart. Hopefully she'll be next in our family to attend UGA! She has such a gentle and quiet spirit, yet is full of surprises. Don't let that beautiful smile and curly hair fool you, she is a fierce lacrosse player!

This is Jenny, better known as JMo. She's my bestie, my go-to girl and Portuguese translator. Since I need that a lot. She has such a genuine desire to make a difference for Jesus, and I've always admired that about her. I still can't believe we're all grown up and married now. We've come a long way from our dodge-the-Barbie-car days, JMo!

Say hello to the other Ashley in the wedding party, Mrs. Ashley Roberson. But don't get me wrong, she is more than just the "other Ashley." She and her husband have a tremendous heart for the people of Romania, and they are working towards becoming full-time missionaries there. You can read a little more about that here. Love you Ash!

Next, this is Megan, who recently got married herself in July. Whenever I just need somebody to talk to (other than my hubs, of course), I know I can call Megan. And homegirl sure knows how to cut a rug! She's a cutie-patootie and on her way to becoming a rockstar dental hygienist.

Julie, my sweet roommate for two years at UGA. We had so much fun dreaming up our weddings together, and I love how she is a fellow Bachelor and Twilight enthusiast! Julie has such a caring heart and never seems to be at a loss for encouraging words. Kyle and I really miss our double dates with Julie and her husband, Doug!

And here we have Jami, a woman who truly seeks to live every day to the fullest. She has the most amazing laugh, and an incredible love for Jesus. She's on her way to becoming a knitter-extraordinaire with an Etsy shop to boot, so look out for her folks! She was a phenomenal bridesmaid, just like she's a phenomenal friend. (Aw, Imma start crying!)

And y'all, this is Lauren. She was an honorary bridesmaid, but that was only because she wasn't sure she would be able to come to the wedding. You see, she's a certified baller, and bball tournaments usually fall in March. Who woulda thought? Long story short, she ended up making it to the wedding and was a legit bridesmaid in my book. She's a free spirit, is bustin' her butt in Law school, and could probably teach you a thing or two about surfing. You should get to know her.

And we can't forget these other important ladies of the day! In order of appearance, my precious flower girl Rebecca, my Mom, my Mother-in-Law, Kyle's grandmother and my Meemaw.

I was so thankful to have the support of several generations of women on our wedding day. What a blessing! And just for fun, here are a few more snapshots of my girls and me doing what we do best--just goofin' off:

{The end!}

All photos by Shannon Belletti.


  1. This is such a sweet post....and I miss our double dates, too! Come see us soon!!

  2. Love this post! Thank you for your encouraging words. It made my day!!! Loving wedding week!

  3. Love your wedding week posts! and Happy Anniversary!



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