Monday, March 7, 2011

Wedding Week: Engagement Session

Speaking of engagements, I have to mention the microcosm of wedding planning that was my apartment last year. Not one, not two, but THREE of us girls were all engaged at the same time! To say that it was so much fun living and planning together would be an understatement. We each had our own distinctive wedding styles, but if we had anything in common, it was our engagement rings. Check out that round solitaire triple threat:

Miss you girls! OK, so back to the subject of this post. Well...kind of. I wanted to first show you the photo we used for our engagement announcement, which was not a part of our "official" engagement photos. The madre gets all the credit for this one, taken while waiting to eat at The Crab Trap in Destin only a few weeks after Kyle proposed. It's one of my favorites of us!

Fast forward to October 2009, and we were meeting Sarah for a fun engagement shoot at The Georgia Club, our reception venue. We started off on this grassy knoll, which was actually part of the Georgia Club golf course, but you would never be able to tell thanks to Sarah's awesome skills with a camera!

From there we took photos at several picturesque spots along the golf course. It was so fun to just hang out with my fiancé in such beautiful surroundings. It was so peaceful and tranquil out there. Maybe these golf-folk are on to something...

After that we took some photos on the Clubhouse terrace and at the Wedding Pavilion, where I would have loved to have our ceremony if it weren't for the unpredictable Georgia weather in March. So I was especially glad to steal some pictures in front of it during our e-session!

We then did a little wardrobe switcharoo and let loose on the Oconee Springs playground. I think this part of the shoot captured our personalities the best. We're kids at heart!

And this, my friends, wins my vote for favorite. I think it's the vivid red of the trees that helped push it into favorite territory. :)

That's all! If you like what you see, all photos were taken by Sarah Eubanks Photography (except the second and third one). She's great and we would recommend her to anyone!

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  1. I love wedding week!! I just may have to steal this idea...

    And how pale is my hand! WOW! At least the rings look good :)



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