Friday, March 11, 2011

Wedding Week: The Gents

Thanks for sticking with us through Wedding Week thus far! These posts have been some of my favorite to write. In case you are just now joining us, we kicked things off with an intro on Sunday, then talked about the wedding paper trail, our engagement session, the bridal look, and my lovely bridesmaids. And you guessed it, this post will be all about Kyle's best dudes!

We chose black Joseph & Feiss tuxedos with yellow vests and ties for the groomsmen, and Kyle was lookin' sexy in a Calvin Klein tux with a white vest and tie (which was free, woot woot! One of the benefits of having a large wedding party when renting from MW Tux I guess).

So without further ado, let's meet Kyle's best buds:

First, this is Kyle's best man and father, Eric. He is a veterinarian just like my dad, and they were actually both in vet school at UGA at the same time, only one year apart. They probably never imagined an event like this would bring them together!

This is my weetle brudder Drewbear. He will probably hate me for typing that, but he can get over it because he will always be my little shrimp, no matter how tall he gets. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming and his evident love for Christ. Keep it up bro!

This is Alan, my brother-in-law. He married my sister at this very same church two years prior, and I really appreciate the way he loves and takes care of my Ashie. If you ever get the privilege to meet him, ask him to do his race car impression. It's pretty spot-on.

Say hi to Andy H., a dear friend Kyle met in a calculus class at UGA that they both didn't need. But hey, they got a marvelous friendship out of the deal! Andy is a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, uber tech-savvy and really good at posing for pictures, as you can tell.

Next, this is Matt. He's a longtime friend of Kyle's and deserves an extra pat on the back for making it down the aisle during our ceremony without a crutch. He sprained his ankle the week of the wedding, ouch! He's getting married to the love of his life this June, we are really looking forward to their hitchin'!

And this is Isaac, another longtime friend of Kyle's. Isaac has this great ability to lighten up the mood everywhere he goes. He is the definition of chill. He is an honest guy and loves to discuss politics, so if you're up for an interesting conversation, Isaac is your man.

This is Andy M., Kyle's partner in crime growing up. Whatever Andy did, Kyle did too. Which explains Kyle's momentary relapse of sanity when he was a Georgia Tech fan, since Andy was a Tech fan. Thankfully Kyle recovered. But we love Andy despite his college football loyalties, and he has a wedding anniversary of his own coming up soon in June!

Here we have Eugene, our favorite Korean. He and Kyle lived on the same hall freshman year at UGA, and then they were roommates for three-ish years after that. I guess you could say they have a special bond. Eugene also secretly wants to be a GQ model. Check out how he's workin' it in that photo!

And last but not least, we have Tyler. Tyler also lived on the same hall as Kyle freshman year at UGA, and they've been great buds ever since. Fun fact about Tyler, he was in the men's A Capella group at UGA called The Accidentals. Homeboy is always singing/whistling a tune! He's gonna be the next Will Schuester, just you wait!

More than deserving of an honorable mention is Grady, Isaac's little brother. Grady was always around when Kyle would hang out with Isaac and the dudes, and Kyle thinks of him like a brother too. Most of all, they have a mutual appreciation for all things Star Wars. Sorry guys, had to out your inner geekiness. But I think you're cool!

And we can't forget these other important men, the ring bearer Patrick, my Dad, and you saw the g-pas in yesterday's post.

So yeah, those are Kyle's brochachos. We had an awesome wedding party and couldn't be more thankful for their love and support!

Get...that...dirt off your shoulder (Name that song!)

The tripod.

The End! Yay!

All photos by Shannon Belletti.

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