Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wedding Week: Practice Makes Perfect

While I'm using the words "Wedding Week" in every title, I think it's time I talk about how the actual week of the wedding went down for us. Most brides would probably agree when I say it was the most whirlwind week of my life. Since I still had class that week, I had to write two papers and study for an exam (gross), but I let my professors know ahead of time that I would not be in class that Thursday or Friday. Just wasn't hapnin. Those days were reserved for picking up my dress and shoes, getting the ribbons tied on the programs, wrapping the bridesmaids gifts, getting the oil changed and vacuuming out my car, finalizing things with the reception venue, DJ, and photographer, and packing for the honeymoon. Shew, I'm exhausted just typing all of that!

Needless to say I was glad when Friday evening finally rolled around. I was ready to see everyone (the majority of the bridesmaids lived out of state), get in a good run-through or two, and then chow down on some mouth-watering pulled pork.

We started the rehearsal out with a prayer from one of our officiants, Pastor Ronnie, and then our wedding director, Suzanne, took over. Let me tell you, she was amazing! Everyone kept saying how it was one of the most organized rehearsals they've ever been to.

I believe the secret to Suzanne's success lies in this quick tip from Emily Ayer: start with everyone where they'll be during the ceremony (i.e. bride and groom in the center, bridal party on either side), then practice the recessional, and then practice the processional. That way, you'll know exactly how everyone should be lined up in the back to get everyone in the right position in the front!

So we went about discussing where everyone would stand...

...Threw in a few weird hand motions...

...and got everybody in the right spot.

Woo hoo! We're excited to be pretend married! It was around this time we got the sad news about my grandmother having an aneurysm. My heart was torn because I wanted to be there with her and help somehow, but I also know she would have wanted us to go on and soak up this special time in our lives. So I held on tight to my dad and we did.

Kyle's family did a great job with the rehearsal dinner. They made it easy on everyone and held it at the church's fellowship hall, and gave our guests a proper southern welcome with pulled pork for dinner and assorted pies for dessert. And yes, that's a whole roast pig!

For the centerpieces, Kyle's mom and sister arranged magnolia leaves around a glass bowl with floating candles. Very pretty!

And here we have the gracious rehearsal dinner hosts, Kyle's mom and dad.

After we stuffed our bellies to our heart's content, Kyle's dad opened the floor to anyone who wanted to give a toast. There was much laughter and a few tears from the shameless storytelling that ensued!

As the evening came to a close, we handed out the ring bearer and flower girl gifts. I was especially excited about Rebecca's because she is a girl after my own heart at that age. I loved getting doll clothes when I was 5, I was an unabashed girly girl!

After some quick poses with my gal cousins and my parents, it was time to roll out and get some beauty sleep. I said my last goodbye to Kyle as my fiance, knowing the next time I saw him I would be wearing that white dress! (Best feeling in the world.)

Thanks to my mom and Brax Roberts for capturing these photos.

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