Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wedding Week: Hen Night

Enough about our favorite people and wedding day details, let's get on with the main events! First up, the timeless female ritual known as the bachelorette party, or in some countries, hen night. (Kinda weird name, but kinda funny all at the same time.)

Naturally the planning fell in my sister's hands, seeing as she was the MOH, and she did a fantastic job! She decided to host it the Saturday before the wedding, which worked out perfectly since I didn't have to wait forever to sport all my pretty new lingerie!

So after they dressed me up in the usual bachelorette paraphernalia, we set out to eat dinner at Shout in Atlanta. We got a little behind schedule due to traffic from a Jay-Z concert--we were pretty much the only people in Atlanta NOT going--but eventually we found our way there. Shout had a fun atmosphere and was extra delicious, a great locale for bachelorette shindigs!

Once we had our fill of food and drinks, we headed back to my sister's house for some fun games and the lingerie shower. And to munch on these delightful little red velvet cupcakes. There's always extra room for dessert!

Hilarity ensued with the games my sister had planned, but there are no pictures of that. ;) The lingerie shower absolutely exceeded my expectations, my girls spoiled me to death! You can see here how my sister got a little creative with the decor.

By far my favorite gift was this panty bouquet made by my fabulous roomies Jaclyn and Brittany. How amazing is that?! I managed to get the goodies out and reused it as my rehearsal bouquet. You'll get to see more on that tomorrow.

All in all it was a fabulous night with a few of my favorite gal-pals. To top it off I had an amazing conversation with my sister afterward talking marriage and practical advice. Gotta love older sisters. And right around this time you can cue the sleepless nights!

Photos by Rachel Newsome (Soon-to-be-Smith!)

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