Monday, March 14, 2011

Wedding Week: Flora and Fauna

It was one of my favorite moments in the wedding planning process. My mom, Denise and I sat in a comfy booth at Rafferty's, sipping on sweet tea and munching on their divine honey-glazed croissants, talking wedding flowers and longing for spring. I didn't know then how beautiful the flowers would turn out, how Denise would create for us a dream of a yellow, white and green garden on our wedding day. I am so happy to show you the floral masterpieces lovingly crafted for us by TruSo Weddings today. Thanks so much again, Denise!

You've already seen my bouquet here, but I didn't want it to feel left out of the flowers post so it gets another picture. :)

My bridesmaids carried bouquets of two shades of yellow roses and lady's mantle, hand-tied with yellow gingham ribbon. Even though I was hesitant about doing yellow flowers with yellow dresses, the greenery around the base really helped them to pop and everything turned out beautifully.

My sweet little flower girl wore a headpiece of baby's breath and sweetheart roses and carried a basket of yellow rose petals to sprinkle down the aisle for me. She was a pro!

My handsome groom donned a white calla lily and yellow ranunculus boutonniere. A little side note of warning though, I do not recommend ranunculus for boutonnieres or corsages. They just don't have enough strength and stamina for the job. You can tell in this photo that Kyle's was already drooping, and it finally threw in the towel right after the ceremony. Or Kyle ate it and didn't tell me. Both are possibilities.

Kyle's merry men wore a slightly larger version of what this tough guy wore, a simple billy ball boutonniere. Surprisingly, my brother volunteered his opinion on the groomsmen boutonnieres, and the billy balls got the "masculine" stamp of approval. Woo hoo!

For everyone else who needed a "Looky here! I'm important!" flower, we went with white freesias, ranunculus and roses to tone done the yellowness in everything else.

Speaking of yellow, this was our guest book arrangement set up on a table in the church foyer. We went with tall cylinder vases with yellow callas, orchids and lemons inside. I love this photo Shannon captured of the arrangement so much. Simply stunning!

We had these pew markers on the first two rows to set apart where our grandparents and parents were to sit during the ceremony. We wanted these to emphasize the greenery but still have a pop of color with the cluster of yellow and white roses.

And here we have the big kahuna, the altar arrangement. I wish I could've preserved this and taken it home with me, it was so beautiful! For this arrangement we used a garden urn with a mixture of all the aforementioned flowers, with a little willow and bells of ireland thrown in. Thankfully we were able to recycle this arrangement at the reception and use it as the buffet arrangement as well.

This was our unity candle arrangement, which was basically the same as our pew markers but with a little more swag.

And now for the reception decor! On the highboy tables we used square vases with ranunculus and roses wrapped in a big leaf thingy (also known as a dieffenbachia leaf, for those who like their trivia).

The table centerpieces were definitely my favorite arrangements. They were a beautiful combination of hydrangeas, yellow roses & ranunculus, green viburnum & sedum, yellow orchids, bright green berries and tall willow. Denise had these gorgeous tall vases to put them in, and added hanging crystals and candles in stemmed glass holders to complete the look. Perfection, I say!

And finally, to add finishing touches to the wedding cake, we went with yellow ranunculus and green viburnum for the cake topper, and ranunculus in random spots on the different tiers. If you can't tell, I love me some ranunculus!

I'd love to hear about your wedding flowers, or flowers for any event you've had recently! Did you DIY or go with a florist? I just made my first attempt at DIY flowers for a baby shower I recently co-hosted, pictures coming once Wedding Week quits taking over my blog! ;)

All photos by Shannon Belletti.


  1. The flowers are BEAUTIFUL to go along with a BEAUTIFUL wedding and a BEAUTIFUL bride!

  2. Agree! I loved your table centerpieces! So pretty. :)



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