Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rafting the Ocoee

Once upon a time (in February, to be exact) Kyle and I bought a LivingSocial deal for a rafting trip with two other couple-friends. It took us until August to finally schedule our trip, but we did it and I survived the Ocoee. The end.

Photo via.

(Wasn't that an amazing story? I probably shouldn't quit my day job.)

Needless to say, I didn't bring my camera along because I knew I would be too busy clutching my paddle with a death-grip to have time to take pictures. But, thanks to Flickr, here's a little peek at the beauty we got to adventure through:

Ocoee River Photo via.

After our rafting trip, we stayed at our friend Matt's grandfather's cabin in North Carolina. His uncle happened to be there that weekend as well, and he took us out for an evening boat ride on Lake Hiawassee. And oh my word y'all, that was one of the most beautiful, peaceful experiences I've ever had. Soaking in the crystal clear water and gorgeous mountain backdrop while the sun set. Just a little piece of heaven that God has graciously shared with us. :)

Lake Hiawassee photo via.

On our way home the day after our rafting trip we stopped by Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge. We sampled a ton of food and their many flavors of cider, and in the end Kyle and I were sold on the Vidalia Onion and Georgia Peach Salsa. Sounds yummy, right? We might make a tradition out of stopping there anytime we are up in that area. It was such a neat place!

Photo by Ali Harper.

We also took the opportunity to stop by our alma mater, since we were going through Athens on our way home. Kyle bought a new UGA hat at the bookstore, and then we took a quick walk across the Sanford Drive bridge so we could soak in the sight of beautiful Sanford Stadium, since we won't be spending every other Saturday there like we did two years ago. Hopefully we can make it to at least one game this year!

So what about y'all? Anybody have a recent outdoor excursion or try LivingSocial Adventures? We had a blast!

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