Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation on the Emerald Coast {Part 1}

So about that one time we went on vacation. After a loooooong summer landlocked in Augusta, Kyle and I finally got away with my family for seven glorious days in Miramar Beach, FL, the first week of August. It was exactly what I needed, spending precious time with the Lord, my husband, and my family. I came back feeling rested and rejuvenated, ready to take on this next season of life and inspired to pursue new things. More on that later. :)

We were blessed with great weather, but unfortunately not-so-great water. The ocean was full of green algae, and it got so bad near the end of the trip that it was kinda gross to get in the water. But hey, we were on vacation, so what did we really have to complain about?

This picture was taken during one of the rare mornings that the water was beautiful and clear.

That afternoon we had to resort to playing on the beach, but we made the most out of the algae and used it to make a four-square court. Yep, we are those people!

Apparently Kyle and I were in deep thought about the meaning of life here. We look so serious!

While we were there, we made a point to eat at The Back Porch, one of my family's favorite restaurants in Destin. They have the best fried oysters, if that's your thing!

Since we had a little bit of a wait, Kyle and I took a walk on the beach, and naturally, Kyle had to stop and try to catch some little fish.

What a hottie! I really like this photo of Kyle, I'm thinking about framing it for my office. :)

We also took several trips to Destin Commons, a shopping center that appeases everybody in my family. Bass Pro Shop for the boys, tons of cute stores for the girls!

I'll be back this afternoon with Part 2!

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