Monday, October 31, 2011

2nd Annual Camping Trip: Part 1

Hello there! I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend. Ours was fabulous, of course, because the Dawgs finally pulled out a win in the GA/FL game! Go Dawgs! I'm done editing/uploading the pics from our camping trip and I'm so excited to share them with y'all today (well, part 1 anyway).

Two weekends ago we packed the Jeep to the brim with camping gear and made the three hour drive to Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina, where we hiked up Looking Glass Rock Trail.

Doc was in tow, of course, and he loved every minute of it. In his mind, this was the best.walk.ever. And it probably had to do with the fact that this trail was a complete 180 from the trail we did last year. I was already a huffin' and a puffin' 5 minutes in, but granted I did recently get diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma, so that didn't help. But I was that lame wife who was this far behind the hubs pretty much the entire time:

About an hour into the hike, we stopped for lunch at this helipad (hence the big "H"). It was nice and warm and a great place to give our weary legs a rest.

Even though we brought him dog food, Doc thought it would be funny to eat all the rocks on the ground, so we (and by we, I mean Kyle) spent half of the lunch break doing this:

Gross. Good thing we brought along hand sanitizer! But Doc made up for it by being cute and charming all the other hikers to no end. He was a big hit!

So after we had our fill of lunch and felt nice and energized for the rest of the hike, we decided to veer off the trail a little bit to find a lookout one of the other hikers told us about. And I am so glad we did! Here is what we found:

Beautiful, isn't it? We also managed to get a family photo thanks to my self-timer taking 10 pictures in a row. Doc was bound to be looking at the camera in one of them, and sure enough, he did!

So the rest of the hike to the summit after that was the hardest part. It got really stumpy and rocky and we were pretty much doing lunges up the side of the mountain. The view was gorgeous, though, once we finally made it to the top. You could even see the Blue Ridge Parkway across the way!

As you can see from this photo, the drop-off was really steep at the top. We have been talking about taking a trip out to Yosemite once Kyle graduates from PT School and hiking up Half Dome, but Looking Glass Rock kinda made us second-guess that decision!

Due to the steepness, we didn't get a family photo at the top, so we just took individual pictures. You can even tell that Doc was a little skeered.

So that's all for the hiking part of our camping trip recap. Keep an "eye" out for Part 2 coming soon! (Sorry, I couldn't resist)!

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