Monday, October 24, 2011

Snuggled Up

We had a great time on our camping trip this weekend! Out of the three of us, Doc is certainly in the best shape. He pretty much wanted to sprint the entire three-mile trail up the mountain. Show off! ;) While I sort through the camping photos, I thought I'd share this with y'all (apparently I need to be better about October updates!).

Way back near the beginning of October, we made the pilgrimage to our favorite city in the dirty South, Atlanta, to visit some of our best friends from UGA. We stayed at Andy and Jami's house, and Rachel and Jason were also in town from Nashville. We were so excited to see everyone, since we hadn't seen each other since Rachel and Jason's wedding in May! What did we do during our glorious time together, you ask? Well, we shopped, we ate, we watched football, we praised Jesus, we talked, we drove around, we ate some more, and...we didn't take any pictures. Of the humans, that is. We most certainly took pictures of our furbabies, all cuddled up together after watching the heart-attack-inducing UGA/Tennessee game (way to snag that 100th win, CMR!).
Aren't they so precious? Roxi, Andy and Jami's Great Pyrenees/Lab mix, was the perfect-sized playmate for Doc. They wore each other slap out! I'll be back soon with a recap of a surprise date Kyle planned for us and photos of our camping trip in beautiful North Carolina. Have a great rest of your Monday!

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