Friday, November 4, 2011

2nd Annual Camping Trip: Part 2

(Continued from Part 1 posted on Monday)

After our 4-hour hike on Looking Glass Rock, we drove over to Black Forest Campground where we camped for the night. I know I know, it's kind of cheating to stay at a campground with a bathroom and a shower, but since it was gated we felt much safer staying there than out on a public trail. Black Forest is where we stayed during last year's camping trip too, and once again they had these beautiful roses blooming in front of the welcome office. I couldn't help grabbing a couple photos!

We thought it would be funny if we got assigned to the same campsite that we stayed in last year, and what do you know, we did. What's up, deja vu! Like last year, Kyle refused to buy firewood and instead took off to his secret spot in the woods to find our own free firewood, while I set up the tent and the air mattress (cheating again, I know).

Meanwhile, Doc was lounging on his soft bed all wrapped up in a towel. Poor baby just wasn't used to it being so cold!

We switched it up this year and made white chicken chili (we used this recipe) for dinner, along with some grilled cheese.

The more the sun went down, the less thrilled Doc was with the cold. I feel ya buddy!

For dessert we made s'mores, of course, and then soon after it was time to snuggle with Doc in the tent! Since Doc doesn't ever sleep in the bed with us (he's not allowed on furniture), he absolutely loved it! Initially he was hesitant to get in the tent because he thought he was breaking the rules, but once we told him it was ok he had no problem burrowing under the covers and taking over our pillows.

You can see the next morning how much he was sprawled out. Don't mind my face, Doc!

After breakfast, Doc found the perfect spot from where he could oversee things while we packed up. ;) Once we got his stamp of approval, we made the short drive over to Brevard, NC to do a little shopping and eat some lunch.

We posed with this neat moose-thingy in downtown Brevard, which looks like it is made out of branches from far away but is actually made out of wires/cables. Pretty neat!

After browsing around a few boutiques, I found the perfect baby shower gift for my friend Ashley who is expecting a baby girl in March! I can't wait for her shower coming up in a few short weeks, and the Fab 5 reunion that will happen because of it!

A little side note, all over downtown Brevard they had these overstuffed bears sitting on benches (kinda gross in my opinion), and Doc thought he found the best chew toy EVER. He was fascinated with them! For lunch we thought we would eat at this soda shop place, but Kyle couldn't find anything he wanted on the menu so we skipped over to Zaxby's and then made our way home. It was a short and sweet trip, but the perfect Fall getaway nonetheless! Have any of y'all gone camping/hiking this Fall? Or do you prefer "glamping"?

Have a great weekend, and go play outside if you haven't already!


  1. I just went to Brevard a few weeks ago and I'm with you on the bears...they're so weird.

  2. The pics of your dog are SO cute! Props to you for going camping! It just isn't for me. The cold and sleeping on the ground? Give me a hotel room any day!



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