Sunday, November 7, 2010

Divine Romance {Part 1}

Remember this post waaaay back, when I said I would share some of our favorite wedding photo memories? Well this is that! Yesterday was our 8 month anniversary, so I thought this weekend would be the perfect time to reflect back on our wedding day. {P.S. Which means we've now been married just as long as we were engaged. Time flies! And when I think about planning an entire wedding just in the time we've been married, I really wonder how we pulled it all off!}

So here ya go, our fave moments with a little explanationy-roo underneath each one.

UPDATE: When I started picking out photos, I was having a hard time narrowing them down, so what was supposed to be one post will now turn into a series of posts. Oops!

{Unwrapping my dress. I love the reflection in the mirror in this one.}

{First hug with my Mom.}

{Giving my girls their bridesmaids gifts.}

{Having someone else do my makeup!}


{Getting a breath of fresh air on the veranda.}

{Having my sister by my side all day.}

{Kiss from my Daddy.}

{Having the love + support of nine beautiful godly women.}

{The flowers!}

{I love my family.}

{Triple trouble!}

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