Sunday, November 14, 2010

Divine Romance {Part 2}

"We believe that a lifetime is a culmination of small, meaningful 'sparks' - moments that occur all day, each and every day: a wink across a room, a hand on a shoulder, or the first official kiss as man and wife." -(once like a spark)

Here are a few more 'sparks' from our wedding day that continually remind us just how much love and light and laughter surrounded us.

{Putting on my something blue, my mom's garter.}

{A precious moment together before the ceremony.}

{LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot of Daddy and me through the balcony glass just moments before he walks me down the aisle. Hands down my favorite.}

{First look} :D


{Here you can see everybody's laughing, Kyle's dad had just a little trouble with the unity candle lighter.} :)

{First kiss as man and wife!}

{My favorite out of the bridal party couple shots.}

We hope you stick around for the third and final post coming soon. All photos by Belletti Photography.


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