Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Going Home to a New Home

This Thanksgiving will be the first time in 23 years that Kyle will not pull into the house he grew up in and call it home. Now, "home" is about 20 minutes away in Forsyth, as Kyle's parents recently bought a house there. And this is a move they've been talking about for, well, 23+ years. While I know this weekend will be a little peculiar for Kyle, we're still both excited to see what his parents have done with the new house. We helped them move a few things back in September over Labor Day weekend, and the house was but an empty shell at that point. I of course couldn't resist taking a few photos, because one of my favorite things is to see the visual unfolding of progress.

{Isn't this a gorgeous view from their front porch?}

I especially love all the built-in bookshelves, they are one of my favorite things about the house!

I could just go to town filling them with vintage books and trinkets. {Basically making them look like the photo below, straight from a Ballard Designs catalog.} This element = going on my dream house checklist.

Anyway, it will take a while for the new house to feel like home, and there might always be a piece of Kyle's heart in the house that he grew up in, but there's encouragement in the fact that it's not the home itself but the people inside that really make it home. And for those very people we are anxious to see them and spend some long-awaited time together. Let the eating begin!

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