Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oops! We forgot our anniversary.

...Our "dating" anniversary, that is. Monday, October 11th marked the fourth year we have been together, and both of us just straight-up forgot about it. Which is kinda weird, because we used to make a pretty big deal about it in the past:

For our one-year date, we discovered our absolute favorite restaurant in Atlanta {if that's possible}: Two Urban Licks. Kyle took me back there this summer for my birthday, but I have to say I'm partial to our first experience at Two. With it being dark outside, the cool October breeze gently blowing in, the candles lit all over the restaurant and the Atlanta skyline in view, our first experience was simply more romantic. Here are some photos from that night in October 2007 {notice anything different about Kyle? haha}:

{Kyle learned how to play "I Wanna Grow Old With You" from the Wedding Singer on the guitar. It was so cute!}

For our two-year date, we went to The Basil Press in downtown Athens. Sadly, that restaurant is now closed, but that means our pictures of it must be super-exclusive or something, right? ;) We'd like to think that. We then enjoyed a movie together afterward {Kyle was a trooper and let me see The Duchess}. Oh and that super-cute blue dress was borrowed from the wardrobe of Mrs. Julie Minton {thanks roomie!}.

You'll notice Kyle's hair looks different in these pictures as well, all because of that fateful blackout game vs. Alabama when College Gameday rolled into town. Ick. {no way was I letting him keep that mohawk, hence the shaved head}:

And finally, for our three-year date, we were feeling particularly localvore-ish so we dined at Farm 255 in downtown Athens. Post-amazing-shrimp-and-grits-dinner, we perused around North Campus and found the perfect place to sit and share our future dreams together, the Herty Field Fountain.

And that fabulous dress was borrowed from the lovely Jaclyn Elliot {p.s. whose June wedding was featured in Atlanta Weddings Magazine, she's a fancy pants! Check it out here and here. Way to rock the wedding scene, Elliots!}.

So like I said, this year October 11 came and went without a peep, and I guess that is our silent way of saying that the only anniversary that matters now is March 6. The day that we truly promised forever to each other, before the Lord and before everyone we love. {But we like to pretend that we celebrated sorta-kinda our four-year dating anniversary with the camping trip we took this weekend, though their proximity to each other was totally non-purposeful! A post about our trip coming soon!} :D

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  1. Love the dress! So funny...I borrowed the 1st anniversary dress to wear to a wedding, and then the 2nd anniversary dress is mine! I miss having each other's closets!!



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