Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fab Find Friday: Southern Savers

It's Friday, so let's play a game! What does saving enough for a down payment on a house, providing for our children, taking them on awesome trips, and opening up our own business have to do with each other? Besides being future plans of ours, they all have to do with Southern Savers, of course! This site is like the be-all end-all site for couponing, and it will convert anyone into a savvy shopper. Which, in turn, will be a huge help in reaching A, B, C, and D above for us.

I've been wanting to learn how to coupon for a while, but there were so many sites out there about it that I just didn't know where to start, so I got frustrated and gave up before I even began. And then one day, when I was reading one of my favorite brand design blogs, the author mentioned Southern Savers as one of her new favorite sites (she's about to have her first baby, so she's especially in thrifty mode!). Like any good reader would do, I clicked through the link and voilĂ !, there was the exact site I've been looking for. Extremely helpful information all laid out in a clean, non-vertigo-inducing design.

{Love their graphics!}

Whether you want to learn the trick of the trade, clarify some coupon lingo, get organized, or simply print off some coupons before your next grocery trip, it's all right there for you. So get out there and shop savvy, sister!

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