Monday, June 20, 2011

First Blogiversary!

Well hello there, sneaky little Blogiversary! I was just thinking how it was probably around this time last year that I first started blogging. When I went to look back at my first post, sure enough, it was on June 17, 2010. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

{Photo by Rachel of Millie Holloman Photography}

What a year it has been on this blogging adventure. When I think about where I was in life at this time last year, it blows my mind. Kyle and I were only married a little more than three months, I had just accepted my job at GHSU, and we were still trying to find a solid Christian community to plug in to. I started this blog with the purpose of having a creative outlet (though most of the time it's just an outlet and not necessarily creative, haha!) and to stay in touch with family and friends. But the community it brings has opened up a world of inspiration and encouragement that I never would have known apart from it! I am so thankful I started this little blog and hope to continue as long as I am able.

With that said, most people write about their "blog goals" on their Blogiversary, but since it sneaked up on me and all, I have no such thing prepared. There are a few plans in the works for this little here blog, but nothing I can share right now. Oh the suspense!

Anyway, moving on...

I am continuing the tradition of reading two books at once. I really need to stop doing that! This time the Augusta-Richmond County Library was my enabler. I was happily reading The Last Song, but went ahead and placed a hold on The Help because there was a ridiculous wait time on it.

And then last Wednesday I got this happy little e-mail saying that The Help was ready for pickup. Whatever happened to the thirty-day wait time, I don't know, but I am not complaining! I'm only on the fourth chapter and this book is already cracking me up. If you've got Southern roots, you'll especially appreciate the spot-on voices Stockett uses to tell her story. I can't wait to finish it (and The Last Song, too)!

We had lots of fun at Lake Oconee this weekend celebrating Father's Day. Doc even went swimming for the first time! I got it all on video and will share as soon as I can get it uploaded to Vimeo. :)

Make it a Monday Funday y'all!

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