Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just A Few Things...

My Mother-In-Law and I made a Key Lime Cake last Saturday before the wedding. It was divine. And it realllly made me want to be at the beach. But alas, I forgot to get the recipe from her so I cannot share the goodness with you. But I can at least share its prettiness with you (minus my horrible icing job. I blame it on the Georgia heat!).

Leah and Matt's wedding was dee-light-ful! I especially loved everything about the decorations Leah chose. Hydrangeas, curly willow, pharmacy bottles. Loved it!
Kyle's parents, Eric + Lynn

Kyle + Isaac

The tripod wives! Brittany, Leah and me.

Doc is getting a little better at playing fetch. He will start to bring the Frisbee/tennis ball back in your general direction, but then at the last minute he veers off to the side to lay down and chew on it. What a little tease!

We are hosting our Small Group Bible Study at our house tonight, so Kyle and I have been running around like mad trying to clean the house. I've been having to constantly remind myself not to fall into the Martha-trap and be so distracted with cleaning and preparing that I forfeit time at Jesus' feet. That is the only preparation that really matters! And if you have a little second, please pray for Kyle as he is leading the discussion tonight. I'm excited about having everyone over, and hopefully I can snap a few pics of our group since we don't have any yet.
Later y'all! Tomorrow is Friday, yay!

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