Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Please forgive me for being a thousand years behind on the blog! To be honest, there hasn't been that much hapnin' round here, but I'm gonna try to recap the past two weeks for you anyway.

If you could describe our Memorial Day weekend with one word, it would be lazy. Slept in 'til 10, took our time making breakfast, watched the French Open, ate a little lunch, then slowly but surely made our way down to the dock for some fun in the lake.

Doc loved hangin' on the dock. Except for the blazing hot temperature part. But even that wasn't enough to motivate him to jump in the water.

The shot above cracks me up. His head is so disproportionate to the rest of his body. But he's still so cute anyway.

And then Doc got sick the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. That morning, he wasn't interested in his food, and he didn't want to play with Brody, my sister's mini schnauzer, which is not normal at all for him. He was just laying around and felt like he had a fever, and when he threw up my Dad and Kyle hopped in the Jeep and took him straight to my Dad's clinic. My Dad hooked him up to an IV and ran some tests, and I have never been so thankful to have a vet for a father! Doc was able to get the treatment he needed right away, and we were able to avoid emergency vet bills. Thank you thank you thank you Dad!

Doc had to stay with my Dad for four days, and we missed him so much. I would be washing the dishes or cooking dinner and walk into the living room to check on him, but he wasn't there. You just never realize how much your dog is a part of your life! He is back with us now and getting better and better, so much so that I think he's ready to start running again (woo to the hoo). My Dad seems to think he got Lyme Disease from a tick bite, but he wants to do a second blood test to confirm it. Thankfully that isn't too serious and can be treated with antibiotics, so I've gotten to experience the wonderful joy of giving a dog a pill, which basically consists of shoving it down their throat. Gross, I know.

Kyle started his first clinical rotation yesterday at MCGHealth, which will last for eight weeks. We've both been looking forward to his clinical, but for different reasons. Kyle, because of little-to-no studying. Me, because Kyle can now help cook dinner and clean the house! Haha just kidding. But really it will be a little taste of what life will be like once he graduates, so we're glad to have this extra time together now.

Doc has recently taken a liking to stealing our clothes off the floor and running away with them to chew to his heart's content. We shouldn't be surprised about this. But he's made it 4 months so far without doing that, and all of a sudden something snapped in him I guess. For some reason, though, he just looks so cute and funny when he does it that it doesn't bother us. Yet. Maybe because he was recently sick and we feel bad for him? Anyway, here's the usual sequence of events:

Doc runs away with some of Kyle's dirty socks...

Then his shirt...

Then his boxers...

And then my Vera Bradley ditty bag? With stuff still in it? That one kinda threw me for a loop too.

I remember when he used to love to cuddle with my Vera Bradley bags. Awwwww.

Now all he wants to do is tear it to pieces. How quickly loyalties change.

Speaking of loyalties changing, how about Kyle's truck got a flat tire on the way to church on Sunday when I was driving it by myself? And it was our week to bring breakfast to Sunday School. I felt so bad.

Yep. That sucker was all the way flat and there was no way I was changing a truck tire in my church clothes by myself, so I called Kyle and he said it would be fine to drive it back to the house (he was all the way in Atlanta and couldn't exactly come to my rescue). Guess I had a little diva moment there.

We're not really sure how that gaping hole got in the tire, but alas, you just gotta roll with the punches.

And finally, to round out this really random post, we're so excited about Matt & Leah's wedding this weekend! These two are hilarious and we know some fun times are ahead at their wedding festivities. Now I just gotta find them a present!

Later y'all!


  1. You really made it home on that tire?! I'm always freaked out about that happening when Jason isn't with me. Glad you are okay!

  2. I love how Doc steals your clothes and chews on them! It reminds me of how Misty, one of our Golden Retrievers, would steal my fluffy bedroom shoes from my closet and take them to the den to chew on them!!

  3. What is it with dogs and underwear?



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