Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We'll miss you, Kober!

Today is going to be a tough day for Kyle. His 12-year-old Doberman Pinscher, Kobe, has not been doing well for a while, and Kyle's dad (a veterinarian) recently discovered that she has an osteosarcoma. She would not make it much longer, so today Kyle and his family are saying their final goodbye to sweet Kobe.

Isn't she gorgeous? Kobe's the one sitting up on the left in the photo above. I've only known Kobe as long as I've known Kyle, but she will always hold a special place in my heart. I know most people are scared of or intimidated by Dobermans (darn Father of the Bride!), but really they are the sweetest dogs. Kobe most of all. When you started petting her, and then stopped to go do something else, she would follow you all around the house until you started petting her again. And she loved nothing more than fetching her Kong all around the front yard! 

This will be especially hard for Kyle, who got Kobe as a present when he was just 13. He trained her and took care of her mostly by himself, and she turned out to be such a smart and well behaved dog. Even though Kobe has been living with Kyle's parents since he went off to college, it's still hard to lose the dog you grew up with. Our family dog of 11 years passed away last year, and there are times I miss him so much and wish he was still there greeting me at the door at my parents' house, wagging his tail and jumping on my legs. It's hard to accept they're gone when they've always been there before, you know?

The other Doberman in these pictures is Atlas (pictured on the right in the photo above), who is actually one of Kobe's puppies. I know Atlas is going to miss his mommy a lot too. 

So here's to Koberman the Doberman! Thanks for being such a faithful dog, and we will miss you so much girl. Have fun playing with all the dogs up there in heaven, say hi to TJ for us!

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