Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sailing Trip Day 10: Brewer's Bay + Back to Marina Cay

Well today marks the end of the Sailing Trip posts! What in the world am I going to blog about now? ;) But really, thanks for following along on our journey. As cheesy as it sounds, I'm glad I'll always have these posts to look back on and remember this fun vacation. Just as a reminder, if you want to go back and read any of the other Sailing Trip posts, they are all linked up on the Our Travels page (and at the bottom of this post).

Day 10 was one of those awkward days where we were still on vacation but my mind was starting to think about readjusting to life back home. On top of that, when we started to head in the direction of the dive site Zach picked for the day, we encountered some really rough seas with about 5 to 6 ft. swells. It didn't take long for us to turn around and improvise our Plan B, which was to dive in Brewer's Bay off Tortola, a much more sheltered dive site. Once again we anchored the boat in a shallower area in Brewer's Bay and then the divers took the dinghy to the dive site.

The visibility at this dive site was not as good as the others, so the photos look a little murky (all dive photos taken by Zach). Jenny, Zach, Kyle, and his mom saw plenty of Lionfish on this dive, which are not native to the Caribbean and are supposed to be reported when you see one. Here's one picture Zach got of a lionfish (there's also a picture of one in this post).

Meanwhile, this was my view of Brewer's Bay from the boat. While they were diving, I was reading and soaking up some sun on the front netting. I think I got the better end of the deal! ;)

After the divers got back and we ate some lunch, we headed back to Marina Cay, one of our final destinations of the trip. We got to see some more gorgeous terrain on the way.

Once we were moored up and settled at Marina Cay, Zach and Jenny took the kayak out and Kyle and his dad snorkeled around the reefs.

Before dinner we presented Kyle's dad with his Captain shirt and Kyle with his Dinghy Captain shirt that Kyle's mom had bought at Soper's Hole the day before. They were the perfect souvenir shirts!

We also couldn't resist taking another group photo in our matching trip shirts, but this time we were on the front of the boat instead of gallivanting around Sandy Spit (it was weird to think that that was 5 days prior to this point!).

We finished the day with a delicious bbq chicken dinner, and then got things packed up for our big travel day the next day. I won't go into details about what all went down on our slightly stressful travel day, but all that matters is at the end of the day, we made it safely home! And so ended our trip, and this picture pretty much sums up how sad we felt about it (please ignore my gross airport look).

This trip was truly the trip of a lifetime, something I have never done before and probably will not get the chance to do again for a long time. Kyle and I could never thank his parents enough for their generosity in taking us, for the long hours put into planning the trip and making sure we had everything we needed. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful in-laws, and look forward to the many adventures I'm sure we'll have together in the years ahead!

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