Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sailing Trip: Boat Tour

I didn't talk much about our sailboat in yesterday's post because I thought it deserved a post all on its own. So this was our home sweet home for 10 days! 

We chartered our boat through Conch Charters, and our boat was the Lagoon 410, a 40(ish) ft. catamaran. The name of our boat was Mama Cocha, which apparently is some kind of sexual innuendo, so needless to say everywhere we went we were guaranteed to get a chuckle or two from the locals. Here's a full shot of the boat from when we were in Jost Van Dyke:

A beauty, isn't she? So we'll start our tour with the exterior of the boat and then work our way in. I have to apologize in advance and say that my pictures of the boat are kinda random. As I put this post together I realized the "tour" will be kind of sporadic. Forgive me? I guess my mind took a little of a vacation too!

This is the view of the galley (kitchen) when you stand on the netting between the two hulls. We constantly kept the two windows in the middle and the one on the top-left open to let the breeze come through and cool everything down. Of course when a scattered shower would come through we had to hurry and close them before everything got soaked.

Occasionally when we moored up for the night we would tie a hammock in front of the galley, which was the perfect spot for reading or taking a late afternoon nap. 
This is the starboard (right) side of the boat.

Here's another view of the starboard side from further back (and in a different location - you can see the water is a little rougher). 

This is the top of the mast. 

On the back of the boat, we had fishing lines hooked up and ready.

This was one of two eating areas on the boat. Sorry about the mess, I decided to just leave things as is when I took pictures instead of tidying up. Just keeping it real!

You can see a little bit of the dinghy in the photo above on the right, which was the smaller boat we used to get to and from shore. Here, you can see Kyle, Lynn, Zach and Jenny taking the dinghy to a dive site. 

We also had a kayak as another means of getting to and from shore during the day, but we also used it for fishing and exploring around.

So let's see the inside of the boat! This is the seating area next to the galley, aka the kitchen.
Here you can see the sink, stove, oven and small kitchen appliances. 

This was our little fridge.

...and our little oven and two-burner stove.
When you walked in the sliding doors to the galley and looked to the right, you could see the stairs leading down to Jenny's cabin and Kyle's parents' cabin. 

When you looked to the left, you could see the stairs leading to Fred and Christina's cabin and mine and Kyle's. 

This is what the stairs looked like, very narrow guessed it...slippery when wet.

To the right of the stairs, you could see our tiny room. 

Turning back around, you could see Fred and Christina's room.
As you can kinda see, our bed was shaped like a triangle, wide at your feet and then narrow where you put your pillow. It truly was a unique sleeping situation. And let me tell y'all, that first night on the boat was terrible. I just laid there awake for what seemed like 5 hours, I was so freaked out about the rocking motion of the boat and being in that enclosed space. And then it started to rain so we had to close our hatch, which made it extremely hot in there. On top of that we couldn't figure out how to get our fan to work and we had our door closed, so it was like we were baking ourselves in an oven. Terrible. I don't know if I really got any sleep that night, but thankfully we were able to get our fan to work and left all our hatches and doors open the rest of the trip, which allowed for more breezy and restful nights.

And this was our itty bitty bathroom. The rule with the toilets is that you can't flush anything unless you ate it. I'll let you think about what that means. Luxurious, huh? ;)

When we first got on the boat, I asked Kyle where the showers were. Little did I know that the entire bathroom is the shower. What you do is pick the sink faucet up and use it as a shower head, just standing there in front of the sink. When there is too much water on the floor, you just push a button and it drains out of the room. It took some getting used to, but it got the job done!
So that's our boat, I hope you enjoyed the slightly sporadic tour! Up next is our first day at sea, sailing to the island of Anegada. Stay tuned!


  1. That bedroom and shower situation are crazy!!!!

  2. The boat looks amazing as well as the scenery. This kind of trip is really exciting and fun especially during the summer. I am just curious if there are any marine wildlife around the area just like in the rib trip oban. I really love to see dolphins and whales.

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