Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sailing Trip Day 6: Lee Bay + Marina Cay

The morning of Day 6, we had a long boat ride from Cane Garden Bay in Tortola over to Lee Bay in Great Camanoe, and the scenery on the way was absolutely gorgeous. The emerald green vegetation and the rocky coastline of the islands made me feel like I was sailing off the coast of Scotland or Ireland. It definitely had a more European feel to it than a Caribbean feel. But hey, we were in the British Virgin Islands, after all. ;)

To pass the time on the way to Great Camanoe, some of us had our noses stuck in a book. Turns out everyone in Kyle's family likes to read. Makes my heart so happy! I read The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory, and Kyle read Kill Shot by Vince Flynn (the book he got for his birthday). Jenny borrowed my copy of The Help, and I'm pretty sure she finished it before we got to Great Camanoe. Fast reader, that one! 

Also on the way, I spotted mine and Kyle's future vacation home. Y'all are more than welcome to visit anytime. ;)

After sailing in and out of several coves, we finally found Lee Bay off Great Camanoe and put the anchor out, since there were no mooring buoys. Kyle, Jenny, Zach, and Kyle's mom got their dive gear together, and Fred and Christina headed out on the kayak to do some fishing. 

The dive crew had to take the dinghy over to the dive site and find a way to secure it to one of the rocks, since there was no place to anchor our boat right over the dive site. But as the Dinghy Captain, I don't think Kyle minded another chance to put his skills to work. ;) Thanks to Zach again for the incredible dive photos!

Once they got back from their dive, Fred, Christina, and I went snorkeling around the edge of Lee Bay. I finally convinced myself to get over my uneasiness at breathing through a tube, and I just sucked it up (literally). And I'm so glad I did! We got to see a ton of coral, and we even saw two huge tarpons. All around a great first (legit) snorkeling experience.

From Lee Bay we sailed over to Marina Cay, a small island off the coast of Great Camanoe, where we thought we were just going to fill up on fuel and do a couple loads of laundry and then be on our way. But we ended up staying in Marina Cay for the rest of the day, and that was fine with me. The water was absolutely gorgeous here! Marina Cay is also home to Pusser's Store, where it didn't take long for us ladies to get inside and enjoy the AC (and of course shop around).

I'm pretty sure we visited everything on this post except for Monkey Point. Team Fenton for the win!

A teaser for what's to come on the blog tomorrow. :)

Zach found this teeny tiny crab on the dock.

Life is always full of surprises when you travel with Kyle's dad. We were all hanging out on the dock waiting for the laundry/fuel/ice, and here comes Kyle's dad all decked out in his snorkel gear! 

 Every now and then this school of fish would feed right next to the dock, and I caught a little bit of the action on video:

Fish Feeding at Marina Cay from Lesley Anne Fenton on Vimeo.

Here's where we did our mid-trip laundry. I'm pretty sure I got 20+ mosquito bites standing next to the washing machines and dryers. My legs were so unattractive by the end of this trip!
For dinner that night, we ate at Pusser's Restaurant and it was really delicious. It was another open-air dining experience, as you can see from this picture. One of my favorite parts about island life!

I ordered the mussels with spaghetti noodles, but apparently they don't have spaghetti noodles in the BVI because I got linguine instead. Oh well, it tasted great all the same!

Kyle got the Coconut Shrimp with green beans and rice, and I kind of felt like a fatty ordering a bigger dish than him. But that didn't stop me from ordering dessert too!

Pusser's "dessert menu" was presented in a viewfinder, which I had never seen before. You simply look through the viewfinder to see a picture of one dessert item and its price, and then pull the lever to see the next dessert. Pretty cool! We went with the typical Key Lime Pie and it did not disappoint.

Up next: my favorite part of the trip, exploring around The Baths at Virgin Gorda!

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