Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Doc!

Today our precious Weimaraner is one year old! Doc, who has brought so much love and joy into our lives, has the perfect birthday of the day before Valentine's Day. We are so happy that he is ours and we love him like we would any member of our family! Though it does break my heart to say that Doc is no longer a puppy, I know he will still be as playful as a puppy for many years to come. And now I'm going to do what Mommies do best--show off pictures of my baby growing up! ;)

Looking at his 6-week-old pictures always makes me tear up a little, he was such a cute little squirt! Now he's our 70-lb. squirt. ;) He got his favorite kind of rawhide bone as an early birthday present this past weekend, and we also plan to order him a shiny new ID tag. He's gonna be the best lookin' Weimaraner in town! I'll post pictures of his handsome new tag once we get it in the mail. Happy happy birthday, Doc! We love you buddy!


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