Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stair Surfin'

This is how Doc clumsily went up and down the stairs in our old townhome (I can't believe I'm typing old), though in this video he wasn't as klutzy as normal. He must've been aware that I would show you. But you still get the point. Plus he's just so darn cute!

Doc Stair Surfing from Lesley Anne Fenton on Vimeo.

I think Doc will miss the carpeted stairs in the old townhome the most. His favorite thing to do would be to sprawl out on his favorite stair of the day. No joke. We couldn't ever keep him away from the stairs.

Now it's the complete opposite in the new house. The hardwood floors are slippery and therefore a lot more scary to him. But I'm kinda bored talking about stairs. I just wanted to share these two photos I snapped when I caught Kyle and Doc having some quality cuddle and kisses time.

On the stairs, mind you. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Haha he is adorable!! I love how he zig-zags up and down the stairs!

    Oh and we are going to the Bark in the Park in September! We should definitely go together!!



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