Monday, December 6, 2010

All By Mysellllf

Cue the sad music on the violin. Break out the box of tissues and the gallon of ice cream. My hubby will be gone until Saturday, and I miss him so much already! He went home to help his dad out with some projects, and there are lots of them as his parents recently moved into a new house. While the timing is a bit unfortunate (it's our first Christmas season together), the good news is that it won't be free labor. So that helps (a lot!).

And though I will dearly miss my man for five days, I also know I'll be able to get a lot done around the house (aka his side of the closet may or may not be completely rearranged when he gets back). Is that wrong to say? I'm just trying to stay positive! So here's to getting things done, making a little extra holiday moolah, and loving the one who steals your covers at night more and more everyday. :)

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