Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Doc Doc!

Our big goof is two years old today!

 Since we love taking pictures of our fur-kiddo, I thought I would share some of our favorite memories with Doc over the past year:

 Finding my bachelorette stuff and dressing Doc up in it. Poor thing!

 4th of July fireworks over the Savannah River.

Labor Day Weekend at Kyle's parents' house.

It's been a fun-filled year with our big ol' buddy! And just to keep it real, this is how Doc really felt about wearing his birthday hat. Not thrilled.

 Speaking of not being thrilled, while I was going through pictures for this post, I found this one of Doc getting his first bath at 7 weeks old. 

Isn't he pitiful?! Looking at this may or may not have given me puppy fever. We'll see what this next year holds...! ;) In the meantime, Happy Birthday Doc Doc!

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  1. Happy Birthday Doc Doc! I love the review of his second year! And oh, puppy pictures! I saw some of Sterling the other day and thought, "that's why we got you… now I remember!" haha! Sad to think my little boy turns 3 this year!



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