Tuesday, February 5, 2013

California, Here We Come!

We FINALLY made a decision on our Graduation Trip destination! Plane tickets are booked, and it looks like we're headed to San Francisco, CA later this year! I know you've been waiting with bated breath to find out where we're going ever since this post, and this news may be somewhat of a letdown after I started talking about fabulous Europe. But we are actually really excited about this trip. Like SUPER EXCITED. We've never been to California, and we've never seen the Pacific Ocean, so this trip holds a lot of fun firsts for us. And experiencing things for the first time together with your husband = the best.

Once we finally nailed down where we wanted to go, I started researching and planning things for us to do like a maniac. Here are the things on our list so far:

For those of you who have been out to the Bay Area, are we missing anything? Anything on our list we should skip? More importantly, where should we EAT?! We are all ears for some restaurant/things to do/places to see recommendations!

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