Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Day on Campus

Yesterday was a busy day. If you haven't heard already, the Medical College of Georgia, where I work and Kyle goes to PT school, officially changed its name to Georgia Health Sciences University. And with a new name comes a new look on the Web, as we bloggers well know.

So I'd like to point out the brilliant work the folks in my division have put into transforming the home page from this:

To this:

Beautiful, isn't it? I love me a good Extreme Home Page Makeover! But the work has only just begun for our office. I'm helping to fix errors that occurred on our web pages during the migration to the new CMS, and changing instances of MCG to GHSU in the content whenever I see them.(Geek alert) I even had a dream in HTML the other night! Not kidding. Yikes. So that will explain the lack of blog posts this week, by the end of the day I'm flat tired of staring at a computer and have other important stuff to do like pretend to feed my husband good food. So my life has been lately. :)

Love y'all!

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