Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter Weekend Recap

 {A cherry tree in my dad's yard. One of my favorite parts of Spring!}

I love Easter weekend. After Christmas, it's probably my favorite holiday. This year was full of time with extended family, eating some pretty darn good food, house hunting, and celebrating that our Savior is alive. It was a great weekend.

Since my mom was hosting two different Easter meals, she wanted to do centerpieces for the tables. This is what she and my sister came up with after a quick trip to Hobby Lobby. They did a great job! 

I don't know where my mom got the idea for this cake, but it's actually coconut cake with the coconut dyed green and jellybeans sprinkled on top to give it some Easter flair. Very cute!

We took some family photos in front of the little chapel outside our church on Easter Sunday (thanks for being our photographer, Jenny!). We missed getting a couples photo for Ashley and Alan though since they ran off to brunch too quickly. Oh well!

And that's all I got! I didn't take as many pictures as I thought, so I guess a short post will do. Have a happy Wednesday! 

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