Friday, December 7, 2012

The Final Countdown

Hi there! I'm back for my sporadic blog posts of the month. :) While I know everyone is reveling in the glory that is Friday today, this Friday is particularly special for us because, as of today, Kyle only has one semester left in Physical Therapy School. Yup, that's right--ONE. Y'all don't even know how happy it makes me to type those words! I feel like the past two and half years of PT School have FLOWN by, so I can only imagine how fast these next five months are gonna go. It seriously feels like just yesterday we were opening that acceptance letter to MCG together. Now here we are, five months away from Kyle becoming a Doctor, and I am SO proud of him.

So what will be going on between now and May you ask? Well, first, Kyle will have his last month-long Christmas break (enjoy it while you can, babe!). Then starting in January, he will have a 12-week outpatient orthopedic rotation, and after that a 4-week elective with an Atlanta Falcons Physical Therapy Center. He is really excited about these rotations since he is most interested in outpatient orthopedic therapy and hoping to get his first job in an outpatient setting. There's a little more pressure on these rotations since he will be expected to perform at entry-level by the end, but there's no doubt in my mind he can do it. And as alluded to in the title of this post, another thing going on in the Fenton household between now and May will be a countdown to graduation on our chalkboard! You can bet there's going to be a party up in here on May 10, 2013, y'all! Oh and one more thing--guess what else we're planning? Come back on Monday to find out! :)

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