Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Frosty Gets a Makeover

A couple of Christmases ago, our office had a White Elephant gift exchange and I was lucky enough to come home with this bad boy.

Frosty was looking a little plain, and even though a snowman should be white since snow=white, I had the inkling to glam him up a little bit with some metallic gold spray paint. So I grabbed this can of Krylon spray paint from Michael's, and went to work on a makeover for Mr. Frosty.

I sprayed a few thin, even coats (with an hour in between each coat) and then let it dry for a day before I added anything else. (Contrary to what it looks like, that's actually not a murder scene behind Mr. Frosty, just where the husband has been working on staining and refinishing our dining room table and chairs--hopefully we'll have a post ready to go on that in the new year!).

After Frosty had plenty of time to dry, I added these cream vanilla-scented candles in the candle holders, and the white and gold swag I found at Target (which I got for free since I had a gift card).

And voila! Frosty fits right in with the rest of the Christmas decor in our living room now. He's actually hanging out center stage on our coffee table, sitting on a glass tray with gold glitter snowflakes underneath and various gold ornaments behind him. I actually like this little vignette I created, but maybe next year I'll have Mr. Snowman sitting on a gold or rustic wooden tray to switch things up a little bit.

 And because no post is complete without detail shots:

I'm linking up with the Christmas Cheer Link Party again today, head on over to A Thoughtful Place to see some other fun Christmas vignettes!


  1. frosty looks great! we do a white elephant, and some people take it to extremes, like giving a ream of paper, or a rubber chicken. i still think it should be good gifts, yeesh!



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