Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dreaming of Sailing Away

So it has been radio silence round these parts lately. Oops! I had this lofty goal of posting every day once I returned from my blogging see how well that went. :) Maybe one of these days I'll actually finish the thirty-kabillion drafts I have sitting in my queue.

Kyle and I have been busy busy busy with various projects at home, work, and school this past week, and we are just plain tired. On top of that, our washing machine broke mid-cycle Sunday night, and then we discovered that our package of chicken leaked chicken juice all over the bottom shelf of our fridge. Ew. And we saw yesterday that my Jeep has been leaking oil. We have kinda not been happy campers. I love springtime and all, but I have honestly grown to despise this time of year when the monsters of end-of-semester projects, finals, and practicals take over my husband. Can we please have a time in our marriage when one of us is not a stressed-out full-time student? I know the day will come, but it just seems so far away right now.

Ok, so complaining over! The point of this post is that needless to say we are excited about our sailing trip coming up soon! I've spent about 99.9% of my recent days dreaming of all things sailing (and I have the Pinterest board to prove it!). Here are a few of the lovely images floating around in my head:

This trip seriously can't get here soon enough! I may or may not have already started packing. Do any of y'all have some fun vacations planned this summer? Y'all are all welcome to be a stowaway on our ship. The more the merrier! ;)

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  1. I seriously might stow away on your sailboat - for "reel"!!! Ha!! Ha!!



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