Thursday, April 12, 2012

2nd Anniversary Recap

Back in March during my blogging hiatus, we had a pretty significant life event to celebrate here in the Fenton household--our 2nd Wedding Anniversary! As you can see, we were pretty excited about it:

Since our anniversary fell on a Tuesday this year, I had originally planned to take a half day off of work. But a couple days before, I came down with a cold and was feeling pretty awful the morning of our anniversary, so I decided to just go ahead and take the whole day off. Before Kyle left for class, I managed to tuck this can of Mountain Dew in his lunch since it's his favorite soft drink. Get it? ;)

Later that morning, I fixed myself some muffins and enjoyed sipping some much-needed hot tea using our fine china. I love using these dishes, we need to bring them out more often! Even if it's just for a sandwich or something.

Once Kyle got back from class, I was ready to get outside and get some fresh air, so we headed over to Hammond's Ferry to let Doc play fetch for a while. He got tired pretty quickly, so I was able to get these really cute pictures of him laying in the grass. He's so precious!

After that we went home and started getting ready for our anniversary dinner. Before we left, we opened our presents to each other (best part!). I made the bow on Kyle's present out of leftover wrapping paper. Not very masculine but I was still pretty proud of it!

I got Kyle this shirt he had mentioned liking at Target. He was so excited about it that he changed into it for the rest of the night, despite the fact that it probably needed to be washed and ironed first. That's a man for ya! ;)

Kyle got me this beautiful gold monogram necklace. I love it! I am actually wearing it to work today. He said he originally wanted to get me the "L" one, but they were sold out of it so he opted for the "F" instead, and now if we ever have a daughter I can pass it on to her. So special!

We had dinner at Crums on Central, which is a local international cuisine restaurant. Despite having reservations, we had to wait for our table since there was an Elton John concert that night and everybody in Augusta was eating out for dinner. We had no idea about the concert, so I'm really glad we made reservations or we would've had to wait much longer! When we finally did get to sit down, we started things off with these yummy portabella fries. 

Kyle surprised me and ordered the Veal, Pork, and Beef Meatloaf. Never in a million years would I order meatloaf at a restaurant, but he said it was good and really enjoyed it so I stand corrected!

I order seafood every time we go out to eat, so unsurprisingly I got the Baked North Georgia Trout with Fried Oysters. It was served with asparagus on a bed of rice, and it was all really tasty! 

After dinner we skipped across town to Macaroni Grill to get some free tiramisu (we got a free dessert coupon through their e-newsletter). Yep, we're cheap. To prove that even further, we just went home after that to watch our wedding video and chillax with a glass of wine. No after dinner movie for these old married folks. All in all it was a great anniversary and we are now enjoying every minute of our third year of marriage! 

P.S. If you want to read all about our wedding, click here.


  1. It looked like you and Kyle had a wonderful 2nd anniversary!! And may God bless you both with many, many more in the coming years!! I especially liked the Mtn Dew in Kyle's lunch - that was so "punny"!!!

    1. We sure did! And I knew you would like the Mountain Dew can. ;)



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