Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Fourth Celebration + A Menu Plan

4th of July weekend usually means one thing for us: Lake Oconee. As you can see, we've been going there every summer since we started dating:






Obviously this year we didn't want to disrupt the natural order of things, so we headed to my parent's house on Lake Oconee that Friday of 4th of July Weekend after I got home from work. We kicked things off by watching the replay of the Nadal vs. Murray Wimbledon match (can you tell we are a family full of tennis fanatics? This is what we like to do on a Friday night.). I, however, promptly fell asleep with this 40 lb. kiddo snuggled up to me:

The next day got off to a slow start, as per usual, so while we were waiting on everyone we played a little fetch with Doc and Ashley & Alan took advantage of the floats.

Kyle jumped in the water first and water-skied until his arms about fell off.

Then Alan took over with a little knee-boarding and tried his hand at water-skiing as well.

Meanwhile, we ladies chilled on the boat, posed with Doc, and flipped through magazines (when it didn't give us motion sickness). Boating is my absolute favorite thing to do on the lake!

Saturday night we ate like kings and queens it seemed, and we still had some of my Dad's smoked ribs leftover. To switch things up a bit later on in the weekend, we tried a new recipe of grilled pineapple and it was dee-lish! You can find the recipe I used here.

Sunday night we went to grab some ice cream at Lake Oconee Village and caught the tail-end of a Jimmy Buffet cover band concert. Nothing says summer quite like Jimmy Buffet!

And we can't forget about Brody boy! He was workin' the camera for me and gave me a cute little smile in this photo:

On the other hand, this is what my dog does when I ask him to be cute:

Such a rebel already. The rest of the weekend was a rinse and repeat of the first day, with a little Wimbledon championship and Casey Anthony trial-watching mixed in. And because a 4th of July weekend is not complete without fireworks, Kyle and I made it back home in time to catch the fireworks at the aptly named Patriots Park in Augusta. We were so thankful the rain held off!

On a different note, I know y'all have been on edge just dying to hear about our menu plan ever since this post, so here it is:

Monday: Shrimp Scampi with sauteed broccoli + carrots
Tuesday: Balsamic Chicken with mushrooms, white rice + green beans
Wednesday: Paprika-Spiced Pork, pasta, roasted veggies + rolls
Thursday: Spaghetti, salad and garlic bread
Friday: Eating out then Harry Potter with the Greavus!

Also, don't forget to visit me over on A Cook's Connection for a roundup of summer squash recipes! Food on the BRAIN today. Love y'all!


  1. So fun that y'all go to the lake every year to celebrate! That's a cute tradition! I love your black Maxi dress in that picture.

  2. I LOOOOOOOOVE your new family pic of you, Kyle, and Doc! PRECIOUS!

    And I'm serious about y'all coming to visit needs to happen!! :)

  3. Such great pictures, girl! Maxi dress...hooray!! Love it (:



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