Thursday, July 29, 2010

Megan + David get hitched!

What can we say? We love Megan + David and couldn't be happier that they are enjoying marital bliss together now. They have an awesome love story, and out of all the Fab 5 couples they've been together the longest (approaching six years now! Yeah, I know.) And the Clays have a special place in our heart because the Lord used David to inspire Kyle to become a physical therapist. Kyle is now almost finished with his first semester at the Medical College of Georgia, all thanks to a divinely-appointed conversation with David four years ago. So thanks guys!

As alluded to earlier, Megan + David have been together since our junior year of high school, and I’ve had the privilege of watching them grow into a beautiful and godly couple. I’ve been so encouraged by their love and commitment to each other. So to say they were ecstatic on July 17 when they finally became husband and wife would be an understatement. And just to further ingrain the longevity of their relationship, here’s a throwback pic to Youth Camp 2006 [Megan on the far left and David in the black tee]:

Now on to the loverly-ness of their wedding weekend!

For Megan's last night out, let's just say we went on a tour-de-downtown Athens.

The next day, we bridesmaid luncheoned-it-up at the Magnolia Cottage and Gardens in Stone Mountain.

What was on the menu you ask? Well I'm so glad you did. Only delicious goodness with a little side of perfection I say! Actually, it was a choice between chicken crepes with portabella mushrooms and something else less awesome, with chocolate mousse and a Mimosa to top it off. Mmm mmm we were spoiled!

As if that wasn't good enough already, for our bridesmaid gifts we got the most DARLING skirt aprons with our initials embroidered on one of the pockets, all made with love by Megan's mom. Get outta town.

And, by the way, we're sexy.

We kicked it southern style with some BBQ for the rehearsal dinner. Obviously you never get too old for the spoon-on-the-nose picture.

Only hours away from being Mr. and Mrs. Clay!

I am so blessed to have four such wonderful women of God as my best friends.

And all of a sudden it was wedding day! They held their ceremony at the church we grew up in, First Baptist Church of Loganville, and the reception took place at the gorgeous and elegant Vines Mansion. Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the day:

Jayne Sinclair of I Do Flowers did a fabulous job on the flowers. Megan's bouquet looks so yummy!

This is my favorite shot from Megan's photog, Kendall Hudgins Photography. Check out Megan + David's blog post for some more of their wedding eye candy! (P.S. Their getaway car was a Stingray Convertible. Totes jel.)

And they lived happily ever after! :)

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  1. OK, so here it is almost 6 months since we married and I'm just now finding this amazing post about us! LA, you never cease to surprised me with your talents and poise, but this particular gesture really means so much to us! Your compliments were so kind and the way you elegantly displayed the pics just made both of us smile SO big! We love you guys more than you know! I'm so so so thankful and glad God blessed us with people like you and Kyle as some of our best friends! We miss you way too much! Love you girl, I really mean it!



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