Monday, October 8, 2012

My New Pretty!

Happy Monday morning! Let's start the week off with some fun news. I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet, but I finally crawled out from under my rock a few weeks ago and got a big girl phone! Kyle and I crunched the numbers one day and figured we wouldn't pay that much more per month if I got a smart phone, so we headed over to Best Buy and took advantage of the lower prices on the iPhone 4S. The verdict: I am in love! But I need help from all you iPhone gurus out there. What are the must-have apps, besides the obvious Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? I know next to nothing about good apps so any suggestions are welcome! Oh and speaking of Instagram, you can now follow me @lesleyannef! 

As odd as it sounds, I think my favorite part about my new phone is the case I got from Emily Ley. She has some of the cutest iPhone cases out there, and she just came out with Gameday colors for all you football fans! Check out her shop here. I especially love the packaging she used:

Though it's not a practical Otterbox or anything like that, I was willing to sacrifice the functionality for the cute factor. Here are some more views of the case, which is the Tile Case in Navy:

So far, so good! So tell me, how long were you able to hold out until you got a smart phone?

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  1. So exciting! I'm still in the dark ages with a smart-less phone haha. Love that case!



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