Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Rewind

16 days later, I am finally done sorting through and editing our pictures from Christmas! I already take way too many pictures and we don't even have kids yet. I'm in trouble when that day comes! So I know the holiday has come and gone and everybody is pretty much over it, but I couldn't keep from sharing our great Christmas extravaganza with you, so we'll grin and bear this together. :)

Rewinding back to Friday, December 23, we had an early Christmas dinner and opened presents with my side of the family. This is my parent's Christmas tree in their formal living room:

And what holiday would be complete without a shotgun photo?

Before we opened presents, we posed for a family picture next to the tree. And thanks to my camera's self-timer taking 8 continuous photos, we got a few silly ones too. :)

Ashley and Alan gave Kyle some ski pants and a new Georgia beanie, he was super ecstatic!

I was so excited to get a Nook! I can't wait to load some of the books from my 2012 Reading List onto it.

I also got a beautiful cover for my Nook from this Etsy shop. I love it!

The dudes showing off their new hoodies/beanie.

On Christmas Eve, we went to the early Candlelight Service at my parent's church and then went home to semi-patiently await the arrival of Mister, my Mom's Christmas puppy.

After the excitement of the new puppy died down, we drove over to Kyle's parent's house for Christmas Eve dinner with Kyle's sister, uncle, and two cousins.

And that's when we got to meet sweet Marleigh girl, Jenny's Cocker Spaniel puppy. She is just the cutest little bundle of joy!

We spent Christmas morning at Kyle's parent's house, and as you can see, Santa Fenton has quite a sense of humor. ;)

But that's not all Santa brought us!

Doc even got a treat in his stocking, which is about 90% gone now.

So that's our Christmas in a nutshell, folks! Hope all of you had a blessed holiday as well!

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